Evelia Salina

Evelia Salinas 2I am Evelia Yareli Salinas. I was ┬áborn in Virginia Beach, VA to Maria Isabel and Jose Marcos Salinas. Shortly after my birth, my parents decided they wanted me to be surrounded by as much love and family as possible. We moved to Mission, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley where I was raised and attended grade school. I received my bachelors degree in Biophysics from St. Mary’s University in May 2015. While at St. Mary’s University, I found my passion for advanced mathematics and sciences, as well as an appreciation for a liberal arts education. I am now a graduate student in Dr. Athanasiou’s Musculoskeletal Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. Surrounded by talented individuals from various fields in this ambitious and innovative laboratory, I plan to do my part in advancing cartilage tissue engineering by evaluating the synergism of combined mechanical stimuli on our neocartilage constructs. When I am not in lab or in classes, you can find me dancing Blues Fusion, hiking, or walking my cat around Davis!

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