Dr. Natasha Vapniarsky

Natasha Arzi LabI am a board-certified veterinary pathologist who has worked in the field of veterinary pathology since 2010. I have been actively engaged in translational research for the past 6 years. My early research work was centered on Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and other animal derived lentiviruses as a model for HIV. One of my recent projects involved gene therapy via delivery of erythropoietin gene into feline cells using lentiviral vector. Furthermore, upon completion of residency and board accreditation, I decided to extend my training in regenerative medicine by joining Dr. Athanasiou laboratory as a research fellow. My work is focuses on characterization of dermis-derived stem cells, with aim of identification of lineage with best chondrogenic potential. I am actively learning tissue-engineering methods and techniques involving generation of autologous hyaline cartilage from dermis-derived stem cells. I am excited to continue my education and pursue a Ph.D. degree under Dr. Athanasiou mentorship in order to gain experience and excellence in biomedical research and regenerative medicine. I strongly believe that multidisciplinary approach to regenerative and translational medicine is the nucleus of impactful, clinically relevant and successful research.

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