Dr. Heenam Kwon

Heenam KwonAlthough I am a native of South Korea, with my interests in biotechnology and the challenge of studying abroad, I graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan with a B.S. in Biotechnology and Life Sciences. In order to broaden the scope of my education, I came to the United States and studied Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University, earning a master’s degree. My master’s research involved biomaterial-based tissue engineering. I pursued a Ph.D. to further my knowledge and research experience in the field. My Ph.D. research focused on cartilage tissue engineering, involving an interdisciplinary approach that includes developmental cell biology, biomaterial sciences, stem cell-based tissue engineering, and immunology. After graduating from Tufts with my Ph.D., I joined Dr. Athanasiou’s laboratory for a postdoctoral training, hoping to have a chance to improve my ability and aptitude in advanced research, theories, and in-depth practices.

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